Debunking Recruitment Myths

A recruiter’s world can be an interesting yet challenging place to be, surrounded by hundreds of myths and misconceptions. The Tech industry is not the only industry transforming its dynamics fast, the corporate world is moving along the same lines and it’s about time recruiters catch up!

AI will replace human recruiters soon

Don’t worry, recruiters won’t end up as Tom did. Although AI cuts to the chase of sourcing and screening candidates, it is incapable of interpreting the personality aspects required in a candidate in a specific job role. AI is not designed to evaluate the most essential aspects of any potential employee such as their effective communication, emotional intelligence, and vigor for the role they are applying to. Having said that, AI makes the recruitment process more efficient and enhances the speed to hire. It would be safe to say that AI won’t replace recruiters, but rather make the recruitment process better!

The power of choice resides among the employers

With the shift in power dynamics taking place, especially after the Great Resignation, this is not the case anymore. As a matter of fact, employers hold less power of choice than any top candidate. Taking too long to get back to a potential candidate you want to consider hiring can actually result in losing them!
The right candidate is more likely to be in a pipeline of negotiation with another company, pointing out the need for employers to be swift and quick with their hiring decisions.

Recruiters only hire candidates with the right experience and skills

The right experience or skills are not the sole criteria for choosing the right candidate. It takes more than just that. The work dynamics and requirements are changing at a fast pace and the attitude to learn, stay up-to-date with the advancing technology, and fit in the work culture hold more value in the eyes of recruiters than just the relevant experience or skills to perform a job.
Recruit for attitude, train for skills is the 2022 motto!

Recruiters prefer external hires more than internal hires

Hiring managers and recruiters have already invested enough time and money into hiring the perfect candidate to fill a position. They certainly do not want to dive into this process again. For entry-level positions, absolutely, why not? (Rumor has it that recruiters love new hires for entry-level jobs).
However when it comes to managerial level positions, they would rather consider the employees they have trained all this time, and, without hesitation, offer these employees incentives for the new position they can’t refuse. 

Which of these misconceptions have you encountered? As much as it is interesting for recruiters to know how others perceive their approach and role in hiring, jobseekers too can benefit from a deeper and accurate insight into a recruiter’s life. If you’re a warrior against misinformation or have been questioned regarding any of these myths, don’t miss the chance to share this in your circle!

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