Humanizing The Hiring Process

Getting Top Talent IS NOT EASY

Millennials. GenXers. GenZ and Baby Boomers – It’s Competitive

Only 10 days and the top candidates are gone fast.

Because we know this truth as former recruiters in the high-sales volume game. We built DigitalHire on three foundational questions.

How are modern candidates looking for companies and are we really meeting their expectations?

What does a good hiring process/experience platform look like for my HR team?

How can each of my candidate interviews  improve to become a candidate-centric experience​

Innovative Hiring & Talent Development leaders (1000’s and counting, fast) are using DigitalHire. As a result, the are getting top talent more reliably, faster and humanizing the experience for both the candidate and hiring managers.


Don’t take our word for it… Listen to what your peers are saying.

So it’s not just about saving interviewing processing time. You can exponentially take on average the 20-40 hours a week saved to improve training and retention programs. As hiring leaders you work so hard to get the best talent for your organization. Therefore, it’s time to nurture, groom and keep them for the long haul. 

When you get an “A” player candidate, tell the rest of the team fast and easily.

Everyone is busy, back-to-back Zoom meetings, emails, project management, taking out your pet dog on a short break. But, getting top talent to grow the business is critical for everyone, from the recruiting team to hiring managers to the C-Levels. 

In other words, now with a simple intuitive dashboard and a couple clicks you can rate top talent with 5 Stars and easily share videos, notes and data to get everyone on the same page about your “A” player candidates. You don’t want to snooze and lose top talent. 



Person entering a meeting room.

Hey. You. Behind the screen. You have questions. We have answers.

Find out how DigitalHire can help you and your team to recruit and retain more top talent away from the competition.


About DigitalHire

DigitalHire gives you a powerful platform to humanize the hiring and interviewing process. With video resumes it gives you visibility into your candidates and their recruitment preferences. For Instance, with DigitalHire you automate and streamline your hiring process, via personalized videos of interview questions to uncover the best candidate for your organization. Similarly, DigitalHire uses AI to help your hiring managers, hire more efficiently on average saving 40% more of their time back in their day. Above all, it helps improve the company’s hiring brand culture and gain critical hiring data and intelligence.