DigitalHire E-Guide Video Resumes Learning Centre

Top Strategies to Create and Evaluate Effective Video Resumes

A Guide for Employers and Candidates

What’s Inside

The corporate hiring and recruiting outlook is changing fast. Similarly, company culture and virtual hiring is evolving and building a new playbook for the digital-first era.

We created this e-guide to help both candidates and recruiters. So that they can better leverage video resumes and learn the following:

  • Proven steps to create a video resume that stands out to hiring managers.
  • How to reference and screen out video resume candidates better.
  • Discover tactics to learn where video resumes can help to evaluate the soft skills and Emotional Intelligence of candidates.
  • How to offer a more humanizing and candidate-centric approach to the hiring experiences.

Download our e-Guide to dive deeper into each of these video resumes and virtual interviewing trends. And fully understand what they mean for you and your business.

Learn how to evaluate and provide prospective candidates some guidance to video resume competency. In addition, find out how to leverage this new digital hiring evolution. Therefore, ensuring that you are capturing the best talent pool for your organization.