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Pre-recorded video interviews are a time-efficient and cost-effective solution designed to automate your interview process. Evaluate, shortlist, and hire candidates 4x faster than traditional interviewing methods.

Engage, Nurture, & Convert Candidates at Scale

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✨ Interview Anytime, Anywhere, on Any Device

Video Interviews

  • Available Around the Clock: Candidates and recruiters enjoy the freedom to arrange and conduct interviews at their own convenience, with no scheduling limitations.
  • Globally Empowered: Streamline remote hiring by eliminating time zone constraints, enabling candidates to complete video-recorded interviews no matter where they are located.
  • Interview Across Multiple Devices: Embrace the flexibility to review candidate responses on the platform of your preference — iOS, Android, or the web.
✨ Select the ideal fit, not just the ideal resume

Video Resumes

Written resumes no longer make the cut. Don’t let Applicant Tracking Systems call the shots and exclude qualified candidates based on generic keywords. Dive deeper into understanding your talent pool and uncover top talent early in the hiring process by connecting with their authentic personalities and unique abilities

✨ Data-driven hiring with a single click

Real-time Analytics & Dashboard

  • Data-driven Insights:Identify recruiting bottlenecks, uncover improvement opportunities, and gain a visual snapshot of your entire talent acquisition process
  • To-Do List at Your Fingertips: Stay organized with an automatic to-do list for candidate assessments.
  • Streamlined Oversight: Monitor your team’s interview retention, candidate experience, and analyze your hiring life-cycles with ease.
✨ Don’t limit candidates to business hours

Create Once, Interview Hundreds

Simultaneously assess multiple candidates and say goodbye to multiple interview rounds. Improve interview retention rates and attract a larger candidate pool by allowing candidates the ultimate flexibility to interview at their convenience, regardless of time zones.

✨ Automate your interview process

Automate your interview process

Automate your hiring process through pre-recorded video interviews and regain 40% of your valuable time to concentrate on other aspects of your business.

About Pre-Recorded Interviews

Everything you want to know about Pre-Recorded Video Interviews

What is a pre-recorded video interview?

A pre-recorded interview is a digital process in which job seekers participate in an online interview, recording their responses to predetermined questions in the form a video. The hiring team subsequently reviews these video recordings to evaluate the candidates’ qualifications and determine their eligibility to advance to the next stage of the hiring process, without the need for lengthy phone screenings and in-person interview rounds.

Which platform is the best for pre-recorded video interviews?

DigitalHire is the leading video interviewing platform designed to streamline the interview process. With its customizable and user-friendly interface, this platform simplifies the experience of conducting pre-recorded video interviews for both employers and job seekers.

Why choose our pre-recorded video interview software?

Choose DigitalHire’s pre-recorded video interview software for a seamless and efficient hiring experience. Eliminate interview “no-shows” and scheduling conflicts, while making time zones irrelevant. Our pre-screen interview platform allows you and your team to review recorded video interviews at your convenience, keeping everyone involved and informed. Our video-recorded interview software streamlines the interview process, enabling your team to qualify, shortlist, and make insightful hiring decisions at an accelerated speed. Save 40% of your time and reduce costs by automating the entire interview process with our pre-recorded video interviews.