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Template Customize your positions to show your Employer Brand and Company Culture. 01 Share interviews with hundreds of candidates with the click of a button. 02 Get to know your candidates with Video Resumes. 03 Make better hiring decisions by understanding your Candidates. 04 Save 40% of time spent on recruiting. 05 Shorten your recruiting cycle and save on cost per hire. 06

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“As soon as I used [DigitalHire], it literally cut out almost 3 hours of my day of conducting preliminary interviews.”

Louis Schick – St Louis, MO

“[DigitalHire] gave a lot of time back for myself and my manager. The greatest win has been creating our own schedule with the interviews.”

Whitney Schuyler- Minneapolis, MN

“DigitalHire has become a platform that I can’t see myself not using, even post-COVID. Our [recruiting] numbers have increased by 2.5 times.”

Michael Lefeld- Chicago, IL

Understand Your Candidates And Make Better Hiring Decisions

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