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Join the first ever AI-Powered Video Job Board

✨ The first ever AI-Powered Video Job Board

Discover the Power of AI in Your Job Search

Our job board is a meeting place for great minds and great companies. But it’s more than just a platform – it’s an intelligent system. Using AI, we align the unique culture and skills of candidates with the right employers. It’s about the perfect fit, not just filling a vacancy.

Instantly match with your ideal candidate

Finding talent is hard. Get rid of the search, let the matching do the work

✨ Bring your job ads to life

Video Job Posting

Immerse your candidates in a visual experience that goes beyond mundane listings to attract the most qualified candidates. Increase application rates and elevate candidate engagement from the start by imprinting a lasting impression that sets you apart from the competition.

✨ A video is better than a thousand resumes

Video Resumes

Written resumes no longer make the cut. Don’t let Applicant Tracking Systems call the shots and exclude qualified candidates based on generic keywords. Dive deeper into understanding your talent pool and uncover top talent early in the hiring process by connecting with their authentic personalities and unique abilities.

✨ Your shortcut to hiring the right cultural and skills match

AI-Powered Candidate Matching

Discover your dream candidates in a matter of seconds. Unlock hundreds of high-quality candidates at your fingertips, perfectly matched to the desired skill sets and cultural requirements you seek. Eliminate the need for manual keyword searching and let AI take charge of finding your ideal team.

✨ Personalize job ads with screening questions

Video Interview

Kill two birds with one stone, and reduce time-to-hire by asking applicants to complete video screening questions. Simply post your job advertisement, and let AI identify the top applicants based on their responses.

✨ Don’t waste a second, top candidates move fast

Don’t waste a second, top candidates move fast

Instantly connect with candidates through in-app messaging. Leverage AI to write personalized templates for your recruitment outreach at every step of the hiring cycle.